YogaAlliance RYT Continuing Education Hours
Workshop with Rebekka Mars, 1.5 CEU credit hours, Jul 2020
Workshop with Colleen O'Brien McFall, Maggie Thomas, Rebekka Mars, Valerie Ugrinow, 13 CEU credit hours, Sep 2020
The Yoga Shack, Sarasota, FL; 2019
Yoga Teach Training, 200 hour program with Rebekka Mars, Jessica LaFalce, Courtenay Smith, Nikka Colorado supported by The Yoga Professional
✧ 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training
Artisan Santa Fe Expo, Santa Fe, NM; 2016
Workshop with Martha Mans, painter
✧ Watercolor
Pecos National Historical Park thru Tarnoff Art Center, Pecos, NM; 2016
Workshop with Jason Delgado, 5th generation tinsmith
✧ Tin Working
Craft Alliance; 2002-2010
Various courses in metals, glass, and fibers with: Peg Fetter, artist and university professor; Tom Muir, visiting artist and university professor; Lisa Colby, metalsmith artist; Robert Longyear, metalsmith artist; Kelly Draper, artist and historian/genealogist; Deborah Katon, artist; Erika Tada, visiting international artist; Shernise Allen, artist; Erin Taylor, glass artist; Kathy McBride, fiber artist
✧ Clasps & Catches ✧ Creative Flatware ✧ Enameling ✧ Silver Jewelry ✧ Metal Design and Fabrication ✧ Metalwerks ✧ Kiln Casting and Pate de Verre ✧ Silver Core ✧ Glass Beadmaking ✧ Canes ✧ Hot Glass ✧ Knitting & Felting
Maryville University Metals Studio; 2008
Workshop with Kathryn Bowman, artist
✧ Photo Etching
Photo Resource Center; 2008
Courses with Kathy O’Donnell
✧ Intermediate Photography
SLCC Art Department; 1996-2005
Various courses in
✧ 2D ✧ photography ✧ digital

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