Webster University, St. Louis, MO; 2006
BA, Management with emphasis in International Business
Regent’s University, London, UK
International Management; study abroad program, Capstone courses
Six Sigma Green Belt - Operational Excellence
Jacqueline Charak Visiting Artist Scholarship (Craft Alliance)
Annual Leadership Award for ‘Delivers Results’ (SIRVA)
Annual Leadership Award for ‘Execute’ (SIRVA)
Outstanding Associate Award (MAY/MMC)
Technical Expertise
 ✧ Windows, Mac, & DOS ✧ Microsoft Office ✧ Data Warehousing, Quality, & Analytics
Business Application Familiarity
(not all inclusive, knowledge level varies)
✧ Microsoft Excel, Word ✧ Microsoft Power BI ✧ Microsoft PowerPoint ✧ Microsoft Teams ✧ Microsoft OneNote ✧ SharePoint ✧ Smartsheet ✧ Google Docs, Sheets ✧ Salesforce ✧ SAP Business Objects ✧ monday.com ✧ Mariana Tek ✧ Servicengine ✧ Tango ✧ Serraview ✧ 360Facility ✧ CoStar

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